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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This may not be the best source of inspiration to start blogging, but every time I read this quote, it pushes me to get started. It pushes me to think beyond:

How would someone feel when they read my blog? 

Will they like it?

What if they don’t like?

Will people start ignoring me if they don’t like it?

Will I have more enemies than friends if I do this?

Will I be able to maintain the blog for the rest of my life?

Will I be able to deliver and live up to my readers expectations?

Will I be able to write the so called Enticing Copy?

In-spite of having a gazillion blogs out there on the internet, is there really a need for a new blog?

Is it O.K. to share all my expertise [read:SEO] for free on the internet?

Will I be able to devote a few hours everyday or every week to update the blog?

and may be a few hundred more questions.

Things that matter

Alright, so may be I wasn’t able to answer the few hundred questions I had about blogging (or may be I did not feel the need to do so), but what I was able to discover for myself was way too bigger than the questions. I was able to figure out things that really matter:

It’s not about what I cannot, it’s about what I can do

It’s not about how often I can contribute, it’s about how useful could it be

It’s not about finding enemies, it’s about connecting to like-minded people

Simply put, these are things that really matter the most. And so, without a second thought, I let my hands loose on the keyboard.

Here We Go

Let’s get kick started with a little about me:

Krinal Mehta
That’s me

Hi, my name is Krinal Mehta and I am a SEO Geek (if that sounds too alien please read this) and like it may sound, I eat, drink, breathe and sleep SEO (Ok, may not be in the literal sense). It’s my hobby, my passion, my work, my job and perhaps a way of living now. I am a big fan of Rand Fishkin, Avinash Kaushik, and a few other legends in the SEO Industry.

I love analyzing websites and their Online Marketing Strategies. I believe in the power of internet, perhaps because it is the only thing (I know) which can make you a celebrity overnight. Not that I am trying hard to become a celebrity, but because internet gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent. It creates a level playing field. For instance, the other day I wrote an email to Will Critchlow (hitting in thin air, not expecting a reply) and guess what? He replied back in a few minutes:


will critchlow distilled email
Screenshot: email from Will

Some time back I tweeted to Matt Cutts and he replies back:


matt cutts tweets krinal
Screenshot: Twitter Conversation with Matt


If there wasn’t a level playing field, this might not have been closely possible.

Let’s get to the point

Point is, I am going to be writing some epic shit on this blog in the coming time. I am going to be writing about SEO (undoubtedly), Web Analytics, Social Media, and Digital Marketing in general. I may also be writing about things that are indirectly connected to Online Marketing and the Internet. So if you are looking forward to reading some interesting insights and experiences, subscribe to the blog right away and I’ll keep you posted! (Does that sound like an advertorial? I’d like to know.)

That said, I would really like to know your experiences about blogging. Things like, how it all started, your inspiration, objectives, journey so far, etc. Please share them in the comments below. If you have an interesting story to share, you may email it to me at krinalmehta [at] gmail [dot] com and I will publish your story with due credits on this blog.

You may also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkendIn.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Ken Blanchard

So please leave your valuable feedback for my debut blog post in the comments below. Goes without saying, I really appreciate it!


Sub-Heading 1

Why? I was told that users scan the content. So please scan the sub-heading and contribute to the popular belief. Thank You!


  1. says

    Krinal…you have headstart my friend :)

    How i started my blog- Well i started my blog to share inspirational stories that could motivate people and do extra-ordinary things. Apart from that i have these attitude of sharing knowledge with others and which i do more or less through my blog.

  2. says

    I would like to say about you only that you are the one who leads like a Best Captain, that’s it..
    I am feeling glad that I have great experienced with you in Past. I will definitely follow your blog and will check regularly. Thanks.

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