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  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
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Siddhi Shah

Getting a mentor like Krinal Mehta is luck and I am that fortunate who has got the chance to learn SEO from him when I was pursuing SEO. What I have learnt about different SEO techniques, have always helped me in achieving my career goals. Krinal sir always has number of real time examples to make us understand any damn thing with a great ease. He has always inspired his students to work hard and try to find new ways which make you succeed in life.. I would give 5/5 points for the training that I have got under his mentorship.

Rishi Gautam

Marketing Manager at AppItSimple Infotek

1. What do you think of the trainer proficiency for this course
A. Honestly, one won’t find much trainers like Krinal. The kind of knowledge he possesses and the value he brings to training from his professional experience is something not everyone can fathom. In-depth knowledge and understanding trainers mind set and working accordingly has always been his stronghold.
2. Is your trainer giving relevant examples for the course
A. Abosultely. He is always interested in giving real life examples which can be easily related to the topic. Over the period of time, I realized Krinal was more interested in making us understand by giving examples of what we loved and making them rheotrical. That obviously takes some skill.
3. Can your trainer answer all your questions
A. Most of the times he can also predict what next might be coming in mind. Not just answers to those questions, his experience made him capable enough to also address questions which his students might encounter.
4. How do you rate the Overall Training
A. Well, without a shadow of doubt. For me he remains one the best trainers I’ve ever seen. From subject awareness to its knowledge. Everything so precise you can barely miss anything. It won’t be wise to scale him on any number.

Priyanka Hingu

SEO Analyst at Vertilex Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.

1)What do you think of the trainer proficiency for this course?
– If there are option as Average,Good and Very Good then my Answer is Very good.
2)Is your trainer giving relevant examples for the course?
– Yeap
3. Can your trainer answer all your questions?
– Yes
4. How do you rate the Overall Training
– 9/10 “The Best Place Students can ever Have” Krinal Sir is Highly Professional and experienced trainer with 100% dedication, who listens to you carefully and give best and most appropriate answers of your questions.9+ Rating From My side.
100% Recommendations

Madhur Sahasrabhojani

1. What do you think of the trainer proficiency for this course?
Ans – He is self-trained and have an ability to deliver the knowledge acquired with great enthusiasm untill the trainee feels satisfied with the doubt cleared.
2. Is your trainer giving relevant examples for the course
Ans- Yes definitely, due to proficiency to provide latest information he is competent to make you understand each & every scenario with real life examples that makes one easy to learn.
3. Can your trainer answer all your questions
Ans – Obviously, Upto the mark, perfect answers with clear cut understanding unless a newbie is satisfied. Whatever questions asked were properly answered with utmost satisfaction.
4. How do you rate the Overall Training
Ans – In my opinion, I would rate 10/10 for the overall training. It covers all aspects of SEO, Digital Marketing and few sessions of motivation that helps you to scale your profile while you apply for job. Even the practical training helped me to clear the concept which one should possess before entering into the industry. Out of the box thinking and strategy for Online marketing campaigns are the 2 things which I acquired the most. Would like to thank for imparting the industry driven knowledge which has now been a turning path of my career.

Akash Tripathi

I started work in SEO company but i do not know How SEO Works and Google Alorithm Actual works. What is actual SEO i learnt from your training. Like Keyword Research – Actual Business Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Website Analysis, SEO Competitive Analysis, Keyword Considerations when writing content or written content(How to use keywords in Content), Actual Content Marketing, How to optimized website content for SEO, How sitemap help us in SEO, How to structure your website, Quality Link building (How to get quality links), Link Analysis, Blogging, Mobile SEO, App Store Optimization and many more things.

Its a small description of training what i learn there a so many things.

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